Treat your home business like a business and not like a hobby

This morning instead of waking up and relaxing on this nice Sunday, I ended up by writing this post, probably not the most common way to start a Sunday, but it was that  or preparing my fantasy football team for this weekend matchup, in either case not the common choices for a Sunday (I think). […]

Is the new Google Instant Search good or bad?

Soon as I saw the announcement of the new Google search I started to think in how this will affect the stats of Google Adwords (PPC  pay per click) and SEO (Search engine optimization). In case you don’t know Google Adwords, is the PPC advertisement tool by Google which allows you to post ads in […]

How to research a niche? (First Step)

In my endless search for finding profitable niches to use in my marketing, I have been using many different methods to start my marketing research, but not too long ago, I come out with an extra step that helps me save some time and also gives me some guarantee that the niche I’m jumping in […]

Do whatever it takes to succeed – Using the NBA Star analogy

I was reading today about how to succeed, what it takes and all the work involved in such. I’ve heard so many times that for you to succeed, you need to master one art and that will help you go to the top.  Specializing in something, will help you hit the big paycheck. I don’t […]

The most important tip I can give – Take Action

Everything I do in my life I do it with some planning and preparation. Is the way I’ve learned over time to survive in all the crazy things I get involved. I’m not a control freak, but I like to do some calculation and know the most I can before jumping the boat. “Successful leaders […]

What Makes You Keep Going?

I’ve been reading blogs, books and watching videos for about two hours. I wanted to write a motivational post, for some reason right now I’m feeling like a better looking version of Tony Robbins. I was looking for a nice quote that let my writing flow, this week has been ridiculous exhausting, and I was […]