Is the new Google Instant Search good or bad?

Soon as I saw the announcement of the new Google search I started to think in how this will affect the stats of Google Adwords (PPC  pay per click) and SEO (Search engine optimization).

In case you don’t know Google Adwords, is the PPC advertisement tool by Google which allows you to post ads in the Google searches and websites. Basically, people search for a certain keyword and your ads will show up. You pick the keywords that you want your ads to show up, and you pay by the clicks your ad receives.

Both methods PCC and SEO are influenced by stats. Searches, impressions (how many times your ad or website show up) and keywords.

My main concern is about the stats and how will be inflated by extra impressions while you are typing. Google said that they will count as search, any results that are showing for 3 seconds.

There’s a lot of question to be answered, what about if people search by one letter and click right away?  Will that count as a search?  What will show up in the keyword tool if the result was showing for less than 3 seconds? What about if the keyword is incomplete? Only time will tell, I’m looking forward to see how this will work out.

Pleas leave a comment and let me know what do you think.

6 responses to “Is the new Google Instant Search good or bad?”

  1. Jens P. Berget says:

    I really enjoy Google Instant Search, but I must admit that I have never given your question must thought. That’s probably because it’s been a while since I did any research using AdWords.

    You’ve got a point, because the search is now very different than it used to be.

    There are many times that I stop my search before I finish typing, because I see the results way faster than before. If we rely solely on the stats from Google, I am not sure how accurate they are anymore.

    Many of my searches ends with things I wasn’t going to search for in the first place. That might be a good thing, I don’t know.

    For instance, I was going to search for email marketing software reviews, and ended up with email marketing best practices… because that’s one of the options that was showing after I had typed email marketing 🙂

    • Ric Nunez says:

      I’m launching a niche website and so far the numbers are completely different from couple of months ago. They also changed their Google keyword tool. I think is for that reason, but the only thing we can do is speculate.

      • Jens P. Berget says:

        That’s interesting. What’s your niche? Or maybe I’ll have to wait for the launch 🙂

        • Ric Nunez says:

          The one that I think will work is about parrots. I work with a person that has a lot of information about it and I started as partnership. He put the content and everything that I need to write, I make the website and the SEO. So was easy to decide to go for it.
          My goal is having a hand full of websites that generates an income.

          • Jens P. Berget says:

            Wow, that’s interesting. How are you going to monetize the blogs/websites?

          • Ric Nunez says:

            Depend on the niche. For the parrots, I’ll start with affiliate marketing of an ebook. At least for couple of months. If I see some potential, I’ll write my own ebook.
            Affiliate products is good because the margins are better than only ads. The next option is ads, but again it depends on the niche and if I cannot find a good product to start.

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