How to research a niche? (First Step)

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In my endless search for finding profitable niches to use in my marketing, I have been using many different methods to start my marketing research, but not too long ago, I come out with an extra step that helps me save some time and also gives me some guarantee that the niche I’m jumping in have some market.

I start to do this extra step before I do a more extensive market, before I came up with this, I used to go with a normal market research, and it took me some time without knowing if a niche has enough market, now with this extra step I know if it worth my time. In this article I’ll explain how I do that first step and find out if the niche has enough buzz and you can invest some sweat equity. Since I started to read viperchill a while ago, I have learned tons of new things about internet marketing, but there’s always small things that we learn only after losing some time working. This is basic stuff but can be really helpful for does starting in the internet marketing.

Before you start selecting a niche, I want to give you few tips. First, you need to be interested in what you are looking for, if you are a man, I’m pretty sure the nail polish industry will not be that interesting for you (unless I’m wrong and that’s your thing), if you are not interested in that niche, don’t lose your time doing it for the money, you will gave up quick and is just a waste of time. Second, you don’t need to have full knowledge on the niche to get started; you can acquire that knowledge during the creating of the blog/website, everybody starts somewhere and that’s the idea of “becoming” and expert. Third, you can pick the industry based on what you are looking in your own life. If you are looking to lose some weight, you can use the information that you are looking for yourself, that will help you build the content for your website.

How to know if a niche has enough buzz?

Before I expend time and money building my marketing websites, I do a market research and what that means is nothing more than search if people is looking for that and if people is talking about it.

To accomplish this I use one of the largest public free databases in the world,

Amazon easily will tell you if there’s a market for your product and also can help you get your business going and build it, but that’s another story. Here’s the list I came out to find if a niche has market.

– Look how many books are in the category of your industry. If there are ton of books, that means the publishers has done the market research for you and the industry is popular.

– The number of reviews can tell you really quick if a book is popular, but to know if a particular category is popular, you need to check if there’s more than one book in the same category with a lot of reviews (20+). Why? Because if you find only one book in a category with a lot of reviews is a bit suspicious, maybe the author and the publisher are behind all the comments.

– Pick one book and read the reviews. Check the activity of the user who do the review. This will tell you if the reviews are valid or fake.

– Check sub-categories. This is another good market research done by people and publishers. Sub-categories will tell you that the people did the research when they wrote their book, and also that the main category can be split in smaller niches.

This steps normally show me if a small niche have enough market to jump in and do a more extensive research. What are your tricks to find if one of your brilliant ideas has enough buzz?

5 responses to “How to research a niche? (First Step)”

  1. I use Market Samurai for my marketing needs when it comes to researching a niche. But, this method is a great one for those who are just starting out or do not want to invest the money into a program.

    I recommend using this one for new marketers. It is free and easy to do. I just did it for a niche that I am thinking of getting into. It only takes a few minutes. Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Ric Nunez says:

    Exactly my points, this are starting steps for some body that want to start in the niche marketing and don't know where to start. I'll be checking marketing Samurai, after this step I normally use trends and keyword tools to a more deep research. Thanks for the comment.

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  5. I use various online tools to research market nice. Yes, “Market Samurai” is a great tool to find useful info.:)

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