What Makes You Keep Going?

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I’ve been reading blogs, books and watching videos for about two hours. I wanted to write a motivational post, for some reason right now I’m feeling like a better looking version of Tony Robbins.

I was looking for a nice quote that let my writing flow, this week has been ridiculous exhausting, and I was looking for something around the lines:

“What makes you keep going”

The true is, I ended up with none.  Probably because we shouldn’t look for motivation in blogs, books and videos; we should look around in our lives, in our families, what really matters to us, what really drives us.

Sometimes, yes; reading a quote or a book will get me going, but the point I want to make is that we waste a lot of our time trying to find answer in the most infinite places, when we should just look around.

We should not waste our time online looking for some motivational answer for your life, if putting food in the table and giving the best to your family doesn’t motivates you enough, what would?

Is this making any sense to you?

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