Helping the Victims of the Oklahoma Tornado

After spending hours looking the best way to donate and help the victims of the Oklahoma tornado, I found a list of links in case you want to donate. Are you looking to donate to assistance groups to help with the recovery from today’s horrible tornado? Several links are below. Please let me know if […]

Yellow pages and their sneaky marketing practice

Have you received a call from the yellow pages to sign-up with them?

Yesterday my dad received a call from the yellow pages. The guy who called said that he just wanted to confirm that all the data in his listing was correct, and if so they will send me an invoice to “renew” his business listing subscription for another year. Also, they had an special offer for my dad just because he is awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Following the tradition from last year. I normally do a post a week, but the black Friday post was written couple of days ago and only today I had time to finish it.

Black Friday or Friday Fool’s?

Black Friday is almost here and everybody is getting ready to start their holiday shopping. Amazon is doing their offers for the whole week, and other stores are already preparing for the Friday Fool’s day.

Because everybody is doing a black Friday post, I decided to have one too. I’m a bad person and I want a piece of the pie too. Still don’t know what pie, but I think any pie is good.

Websites and speed

When I started working in web design and development, I didn’t care much about website speed. I only took the look and functionality into consideration because that is what calls people’s attention  and that is what clients want. Although that was what the majority of people thought, the website speed has always been really important […]

Tips for good customer service emails

Sometimes there’s no right or wrong way of doing things. We do it like we know. But in business it is different, there are better ways of being less annoying for your customers. I will share with you a bad experience that I had with a customer service and how can you do better. I […]