Your own business, Work on Yourself and for Yourself

When I started my first business almost 10 years ago, I thought working hard was the way to go. I through these many years hoping that somehow I’de be rewarded. The truth is, nobody will reward you if you don’t reward yourself. You need to invest time  and money in you and nothing else. Although […]

How the expert did it?

One thing I always do when I’m starting something is check how the experts did it. I learned on the course of the years that even the most amazing people in the world started from scratch and they struggle until they figure things out. Why should I do all this work? Because the goal is […]

Starting a Home Business? Be realistic with your expectations

Almost three years ago when I started my business, I thought that I knew everything about owning a business. With so many years of freelance experience, I was thinking this is a piece of cake “I make money without having the business structure, so if I put more time and a business plan, I’ll make […]

My first blog post By Ricardo Nuñez

How much has change the blogosphere since I started my first blog back 2003. Back them was really easy for me to start for several reasons, I was on college, I had few friends who I started the blog, we had a subject (Linux Portugal) and also, I was learning Portuguese and blogging would help […]