One thing I always do when I’m starting something is check how the experts did it. I learned on the course of the years that even the most amazing people in the world started from scratch and they struggle until they figure things out. Why should I do all this work? Because the goal is to be a success and not just be one more than give up after couple of months like everybody else.

How I always start?

I conduct a research during certain period of time, get some answers to my questions and go ahead and implement the results of my study. I try to find a patron in what people do to hit a success and I find that most of the people use their own techniques to at the end accomplish the same result, success.

Right now, I’m in my research phase and still digesting some of the information collected so far. I’ll be posting all my results in future posts and hope to collect enough information to help others in get things going in the blogging world.

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