My first blog post By Ricardo Nuñez

Ricardo Nuñez Business Man Mode :)

Ricardo Nuñez Business Man Mode 🙂

How much has change the blogosphere since I started my first blog back 2003. Back them was really easy for me to start for several reasons, I was on college, I had few friends who I started the blog, we had a subject (Linux Portugal) and also, I was learning Portuguese and blogging would help me to improve my writing.

Since I started my business almost three years ago, I avoided the work of owning a blog. I had so many excuses, from my writing is not good, I don’t have the time, what I’m going to write and the most stupid excuse I don’t need a blog. Is amazing how much crap we put in our minds with the only goal of not do something. Well, here’s how everything changes. Last month I started doing things that I don’t do and kick out the excuses and putting behind the real problem that was ‘laziness’.

My writing still not good, I don’t have time and I still don’t have a preference for any particular subject, but there’s one thing it’s not with me anymore and that is laziness.

So I hope to write everyday, today I officially start my personal blog,  this is my first post and hope to continue for a long time.

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