Things You Should Know About My New WordPress Theme

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I started playing around with WordPress in 2008. I’ve tried WordPress once before that time, but I thought  that it was still missing some key features to make it a reliable back end for a website. Also, I was more involved in web application development instead of only web design or blog design.

After developing my first couple of themes, I thought that it was time to be more serious and offer some solutions to my long-time clients. They were from my college days so if I made an offer they will accepted. I was doing it in my spare time, getting the feedback I was looking and everybody was happy.  I continued using it and learning a lot about it. Now I can say that I’m quite savvy and to be honest I wish I had jumped earlier.

Anyway, that’s was a little about my WordPress background. The reason I decided to write this post was to show some of the features of this new theme and some of the cool things I’ve been doing in the lab.

Why should you learn about these WordPress theme features?

Because if you have an online business you eventually want to go shopping  for a website/theme. By that time, knowing a little technical aspects will help you make your best decision when it comes to what to buy.

Some features and benefits of my new theme.

  • I made it with as few images as possible (the website, twitter and rss logos). The rest of the design is pure code. This doesn’t necessarily apply to all the websites I do for clients, but at least this one is like that.
  • The background gradients effects are all coded in CSS3 and HTML. I’m adding that option to the framework.
  • The headings are SEO optimized.
  • I load external files like fronts from Google. I also have that options to be changed in the back office.
  • Not all the effects are available in Internet Explorer (IE), but the website looks presentable.
  • and many more coming soon.

The Framework

The final idea of the framework is to be easy to customize in the back office. Colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc.

Website Speed

My major concern building does features was the website speed. I always care about the website speed (you should too) and try to cut the loading time. Remember that Google takes the website loading time in consideration when it comes to SEO.  Also people don’t like to wait for a website to load.

Some clients don’t care about that and ask for huge pictures and backgrounds making their websites really slow, but I really gave up on trying to convince anybody about it. In the end what matters is that the clients are happy.

To speed up the loading time, I cut off most of the images and I try to use only images when necessary. That’s why I use CSS and HTML to create the design and all the effects. Finally, that’s why I load files from Google. Using different hosts for your files help browsers loading your page faster and that’s why you should use Youtube or other websites to host your videos.

Thinking in the future

I’ll update this post with more information about the framework and all the changes I perform in the theme.

Do you have any thought, questions or feedback? Leave a comment below and if you things this post has value, help me spread it in twitter and Facebook. Thank you.

7 responses to “Things You Should Know About My New WordPress Theme”

  1. Jens P. Berget says:

    Looks great. I wish I could develop my own wordpress theme. Well, I have learned how to customize some of the stuff, but I can’t do much really.

    I really like the font, and how easy it is to read your blog. And that you haven’t added many images in the sidebar. A lot of the blogs I visit have so many distractions in the sidebar, it’s almost impossible to focus on the content.

    Do you develop a lot of wordpress themes for your clients?

    • Ric Nunez says:

      Hey Jens,
      Thank you for the feedback I really appreciate it. I’ll try to keep it clean, maybe some ebook promotion but not much. I’ll be adding more stuff soon. If you need any help, just ask. I’ll not mind to help you.
      I’ve been busy working on this framework for a while, that’s why you haven’t hear from me.

      I use my own framework to web apps, but right now I’m using wordpress as my mind CRM for regular websites. I don’t know how many themes I did by now (10+).
      Sometimes people only want to tweak existing themes.

  2. Andy says:

    Very nice and clean. I might tweak the typography a bit an give headings and title a little more breathing room, but the blockquote is beautiful, and the overall presentation is very classy.

    • Ric Nunez says:

      Hey Andy, thank you. I’m with you on the headings. I changed it couple of times and I’m still not convinced; I’ll sleep on it and probably tomorrow I’ll make a change. Thanks again I really appreciate the feedback

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  4. Listed says:

    I’ve checked your new theme with
    There are still a lot of things you can do to make it faster.

    • Ric Nunez says:

      Thanks for the tool. I know. Now that the design is out, I’ll work now in the optimization. The cool thing is that I can work in the framework since this is a child theme. Thanks again.

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