Websites you most follow closely to stay on top of the Internet world

If your work is based on the Internet, you need to keep close the internet news to follow the trends. Some people prefer  social bookmarking, I prefer rss or visited the website directly. Here is a list of websites you need to follow closely to stay on top of the game.

This is Pete Cashmore website, well know for the social media insides, they are always on top of the game in twitter.

The arch-rival of Mashable, Michael Arrington Tech Crunch. This two websites are so good and they even have almost the same ranking in alexa. Although I prefer Mashable, this website is a most see daily.

This is a old website I visit, the design is not as good as the content. This website have more generic IT news than the other two. You need to check the google inside, they have a lot of articles about google.

This website is pretty good, they do analysis to products and trends, so you most follow this if you want to know what everybody else is doing.

I follow more websites. This four are my favorites and I try to never miss what they have to say.

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