The mindset of success

NBA finals

Did you saw the Dallas and Miami the other day? What a game.

In case you didn’t. The Mavericks came back from a 15 point deficit in the last quarter. They put an awesome run to win the game.

Dirk did his part like he has been doing in the playoff, but what was memorable was the mindset that they had to pull that up — It was memorable.

I’m waiting right now for the third game to start and since it’s been a while since I wrote my first basketball post and I though in writing another one.

The Mindset of Success

Having the right mindset is extremely necessary to accomplish things in life. For the Mavs, if they have lost that game, it was over. No more Finals. They have the right goals in mind, and the goal of winning a championship. They have come back in games the whole playoff long, because they know that they have to.  People know the goals, know what they have to do, but in the end they just sink and fail because they don’t have the right mindset.


Dirk has been an unbelievable free throw shooter all this career, but to maintain his streak in this playoff, it has been amazing the way he keeps his cool in clutch time. Focus in what you are doing and the results are going to be much there.

Do what you have to do

Sometimes you have to do shitty moves (like Lebron moving his talents to South Beach). You will make a lot of people angry, but if you know what you want and you have the right mindset, you know that you have to do what you have to do to make things happens. whether it is to firing somebody or moving to a different place. Make it happen.

Hard Work

It’s fundamental to know what you want and have clear in your mind that it will take pain, will take sacrifice to reach whatever you want. You have to do shitty thing and all that together it takes a lot of work. It’s not going to be easy, but hey the rewards are going to taste sweeter.

I hope the Mavs win. I think Dirk, Kidd and company deserve a title and I think Lebron and company still have time to win.


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  1. VoteForMe says:

    This motivates me. Thanks man. Was cool that Dallas won 🙂

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