Affiliate Links: Right or wrong way of sending emails to your marketing list

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How many emails have you received in your inbox in the last month, from somebody trying to promote their affiliate links?

If you are in the internet business, you probably have subscribed to newsletters from bloggers and marketers, and you probably received a lot of emails from this people trying to do some affiliate marketing from their “friends” and telling you how good the product is, giving you a lot of free stuff, with a lot of promos, etc.

I don’t have problem with this kind of emails, I’ve found some pretty good offers, and cool blogs, thanks to this marketing method.

The problem I have with this type of marketing, is when this so called “marketing gurus” starts to push the same product over and over. Normally I ended up unsubscribing after four emails, and I waited that long, because some of this guys, have offered pretty good content.

Don’t you think you should be more careful with their list?

I subscribed to their list, to know about their stuff, not to be bombarded with the new product of their new bff, again, I don’t mind to receive links time to time; the problem is when people abuse in how many emails they sent. Unless you   are promoting your mom new book, you should limit the number of emails about this type of links. Maybe the un-subscription rate is too low that they don’t care, they have the answer to this.

Why not trying different methods to market these affiliate links?

Writing a review, a blog post, a guest post or a contest. Last week in the launch coach used a contest about  Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula 3.0, I really like the way he did it, was a really good way of doing this kind of promotion.

What about spam?

The last month, I noticed that most of the emails from a marketer went directly to the spam folder, even without marking the messages, google is already taking care of this, just because this guy emailed too many messages in a short period of time promoting a magic six figure income product. So unless you want most of your emails to have the same destiny, you should be careful with the numbers of emails you send.

How many?

I don’t know how many emails you should send, maybe three, or maybe study the stats and get some valid numbers, but one things is certain, you should try to avoid being a jerk like this marketers and avoid fill people’s inbox and protect your list. also you should promote yourself more and not somebody else.

What do you think should be the limit emails, without annoying your subscribers?

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  1. Koolahmed1 says:

    help me to promote my bolg/
    I was just writing to an affiliate and suggested we set
    that up for him and realized no affiliates ever ask for anything like that.

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