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Back on track in blogging by Ricardo Nunez

Back on track by problemkind

After few months of absence from the blogging world, I decided that is time to get back. A lot of work, distractions and excuses have kept me away from writing something new since December.

This is what I’m working right now to get back on track:

New Design

Since I started blogging back in September, I’ve avoided design my own template, shameless for somebody that do that for living. I’m going to finish my theme and even if is not ready I’ll make it available.


I need to write more.  My writing is not the best and if I want to improve, I need to do an effort and write more.

31 Days to Build a Better Blog

I started to read this e-book from problogger, so far so good, is a good read and a lot of tips, I’ll stick to the plan “31 days”


If you want to get back and restart your blog, I recommend this blog post by David Peralty of College Crunch , How to Restart a Dead or Dormant Blog.

In case you get a new domain, you need to keep the old domain and add this wordpress plugin “Domain Mirror“. This way you can put two domains and you don’t lose the old links.

2 responses to “Restart Blogging”

  1. NICE!!! WELCOME BACK! I'm glad, good luck and thanks for sharing those links, I sure need them haha, Im curious about the 31 days plan, Im sure you'll do great. Happy weekend!

  2. Thank you Marcela. The book teaches day by day how to improve the blog. Depending in how well I do, I'll write a review about the ebook.
    So a lot of changes will come soon =) I already have few articles to complete. Have a nice day

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