Light Blogging the new trend

If you want to be on top of the social media world, you need to be always following the trends. Many years ago the journal was invested, then the blog, now we have micro blogging and yesterday I discover light blogging.

Light blogging will close the gap between micro-blogging like twitter (Although I think twitter is more for communication than blogging) and long blogs like wordpress or blogger.  Basically light-blogging is a quick way to publish information without the research and time expended in the blog. You write the content and post quick without loosing that  much time like in a regular blog.

Here are the two accounts I created so far for testing purpose.

The market leader, very nice look and interface. YOu can share almost anything, likes, text, video, chats, quotes, etc.

Very simple and easy to use. You can create and account or a post with just sending a email to [email protected]  You can attach picture or any other type of file to the email and will be posted

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