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Picture by Living in Monrovia

When you start your own business, it’s easy to work every day without taking a break, having your own business you love what you are doing (if not, you are doing it, in the wrong way) and easy to go for days without taking a break. The problem with this, is when the mind and body start to getting tired, and your body  starts paying the bill.

I came out with a list of things I like to do to keep the sanity in your work.

Cat in the hammock by 1ieve  - Ricardo Nuñez Blog
Cat in the hammock by 1ieve

Take short breaks during the day

Taking few short breaks during day will help you change the way you are thinking. Go for a walk, relax in that old hammock that you haven’t use in a while (just careful and be sure still can handle your weight).  Sometimes when I’m developing a website, I get stuck in one issue for a while, and for some reason I can’t solve it. After a lot of frustration, I take a break, I cleared my head and I come back few minutes later to solve the issue. The problem is that when you are working in something during certain period of time, you are not seeing the whole picture; you focus in just one thing. After I do the break, my head gets clear, and ready to rock, and solve any issue quick and painless.

Take a day or a weekend off

Yesterday was mother’s day and I’ve expended the whole day just chilling. Today I wrote this post, and I now have ideas for six more. Taking the day off, helps me recharge batteries and and get my body working 100%, and my creativity and productivity get boost, and if one day doesn’t work, well, I take couple of days.

Go out with friends

Going out with my friends normally helps me to think in something else than my business. They don’t want to know more than “Everything is going well in your business? Ok, great! now shut up with that”  and they don’t want to hear anything else (well, they don’t say that, but I feel it). Talking with them about random stuff, it makes me think in something different than that stupid issue that I couldn’t solve early during the day.

Get a new hobby

When I’m not working and I’m not doing anything in particular, I can’t help it, I need to be thinking about work, about what is the next thing I’m going to do, about fixing an app, about design ideas,  etc. Although this is good, and normally I get a lot of ideas, I like to keep mind distracted with other things. What I normally do, is painting or play guitar (or at least think that I’m playing). You should try photography, gardening, something that makes you relax and have a good time.

I hope that this tips can help you get maintain the sanity in this insane world.

What you like to do to relax?

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