I’m pretty sure most of the people heard about “There is no such thing as bad publicity”. Also, I’m pretty sure you heard about how Taylor Swift was interrupted by Kanye West in the Mtv Video Music Awards.

Kanye West has put in practice that quote. He is getting so much attention to the point of breaking records of online parody. If he was looking for the attention, he is getting unbelievable ROI.

Now here is my opinion about this, what he did can be seeing as the exception of the rule. Why? the first thing I felt when I saw the video, “I’ll never buy another CD of this guy” like President Obama said: “He’s a jackass”.

So what do you think? Did Kanye broke that old rule? No, he earnings tell different.

If you look at all the people that are constantly spilling controversy you will notice that they are always in the covers of magazines or doing TV interviews.

You will upset some people, but you will also gain followers. There are exceptions to the rules, but when it comes to controversial comments you will not alienate yourself 100%.

There are always those 1,000 true fans. If you are huge like Kanye, you will have millions of people still supporting you.

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