ASUS MS238H – 23-Inch LED Review

Have ever happened to you, that when you need to do some quick work in your computer, all of the sudden your computer doesn’t work?

Few weeks ago a client called me to do a work in his website, I went to my desk and I’ve tried to turn on the monitor, and nothing happened, no light, no screen, nothing. First thing in my head “Crap, I need to buy a new monitor”.

After tons of reads and research, and looking for the best , with the best quality, for the lowest price, I’ve found the coolest monitor ever, the ASUS MS238H – 23-Inch Wide LED Monitor.

Here is my review:

  • The picture quality is superb, I’m using it as a HDMI, also I’ve tried in VGA. I’m using 1920×1080 resolution.
  • The Price: $200, it’s a bargain. This thing looks like it cost $500+. When somebody gets into my office, that’s the first thing they ask, how much I paid.
  • The weighs and size, is an impressive 7 pounds, really thin (I mean, really think), and easy to move around. You can’t compare this LED monitor to a normal LCD.
  • The response time is 2ms, I’m not a gamer but I tested with Pro Evolution Soccer and it’s much better than my old one monitor (4ms). This is just awesome.
  • This monitor is full 1080 HD. I notice some monitors claim to be Full HD when they are not. This is pretty common, so beware.
  • Some people said that the stand is a bit fragile, or at least move too much, I don’t think is that bad, I don’t move around, this is a monitor, not a laptop.
  • The touch menu it’s really nice, I was afraid of this, but is not as sensitive as people put it. “You touch the menu options, and options change” isn’t that what is suppose  to do?
  • I’ve ordered using Amazon website, but was shipped by and without using the fast shipping, it was at my door three days later (ordered Sunday, delivered Wednesday)

So far I haven’t got any issues yet, and I hear that ASUS are pretty good monitors. There’s some pretty good reviews at amazon that helped my decision and so far I cannot be more pleased, I really recommend this beauty. I bought the  ASUS MS238H – 23-Inch , but there’s other sizes .

In the crappy pictures taken with my cell phone

That’s not a netbook, is a laptop with 15.6″ . It looks really tiny compared with the other two.

A 19″ LG. I replaced two capacitors for $8 including shipping, and is working again.

ASUS MS238H - 23-Inch Wide LED Monitor




Apparently Amazon doesn’t have that monitor available anymore.  I found couple of monitors that are as good or probably better.

ASUS VS247H-P 23.6-Inch Full HD LED Monitor – Black

ASUS VS248H-P 24-Inch Monitor – Black

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  1. A 19″ Whirlpool. We replaced 2 capacitors for $8 which includes delivery, and is operating again.

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