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This is a short post just to let you know that we are no longer using feedburner. If you want to continue to receive posts via RSS feed from our website Tailored WP, you should subscribe using We will love to still keep you as a subscribers and that you still enjoy our posts.

Helping the Victims of the Oklahoma Tornado

After spending hours looking the best way to donate and help the victims of the Oklahoma tornado, I found a list of links in case you want to donate. Are you looking to donate to assistance groups to help with the recovery from today’s horrible tornado? Several links are below. Please let me know if […]

The mindset of success

NBA finals

Did you saw the Dallas and Miami the other day? What a game. In case you didn’t. The Mavericks came back from a 15 point deficit in the last quarter. They put an awesome run to win the game. Dirk did his part like he has been doing in the playoff, but what was memorable […]

How to automate twitter with Buffer

buffer app review

The other day I made a video with Screenr. How to automate twitter with Buffer ( The video is little less than four minutes. It shows how easy is to use the tool to automate twitter by scheduling tweets. Using this tool give your some advantage like to tweet in different times zones and tweet […]

Good Business Model Components

good business model

One of the things I noticed when I moved to Florida was that there are a lot of lawn care companies here. There are probably more lawn care companies than lawns. I’m exaggerating now, but I’m telling you, there are thousands. Maybe because the majority of the population is retired and doesn’t lawn their yard […]

Must Have WordPress Plugins

must have wordpress plugins

Last Update October 12th, 2017 – I wrote the original posts a few years ago and wrote another post a few months ago about plugins to speed up WordPress. Some of these plugins are a must, others are just personal preference that help me with a particular issue I was having. When I’m working with […]