Helping the Victims of the Oklahoma Tornado

After spending hours looking the best way to donate and help the victims of the Oklahoma tornado, I found a list of links in case you want to donate.

Are you looking to donate to assistance groups to help with the recovery from today’s horrible tornado? Several links are below. Please let me know if you would like some added, or if there is reason to remove any links.

Please choose one donation organization below and make a small contribution. Anything helps. I know there’s a lot of organizations so it’s a little overwhelming, but please choose one.

[1] If you would like to copy the source of this to another reddit thread, you can copy the text with links easily from here.

[2] Additional information is available in OSUTechie’s submission to /r/oklahoma.

If you are applying to volunteer or donate local goods, [3] please click here. h/t to [4] /u/lifehacked.



  • Text REDCROSS to 90999 ($10)
  • [5] This website donation link.
  • 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767); for Spanish speakers, 1-800-257-7575; for TDD, 1-800-220-4095.



  • Text “STORM” to 80888 ($10)
  • [8] Website donation link here
  • Call 1-800-SAL-ARMY (1-800-725-2769)
  • Mail check to The Salvation Army PO Box 12600 Oklahoma City, OK 73157 (note: you must write “Oklahoma Tornado Relief” on the memo line of the check if you donate this way)


  • Text “FOOD” to 32333 ($10)
  • [9] Website donation link here. Note: seems to be nonspecific to this particular disaster, but it seems likely most/all current funds from the group are headed that way.


  • [10] Website donation link here
  • Send check by mail to United Way of Central Oklahoma, P.O. Box 837, Oklahoma City, OK 73101 (note: you must write “May Tornado Relief” on the memo line of the check if you donate in this fashion)


Through its network of more than 200 food banks, Feeding America, whose mission is to “feed America’s hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks,” says it will deliver truckloads of food, water and supplies to communities in need, in Oklahoma, and will also “set up additional emergency food and supply distribution sites as they are needed.” * They do not have a donation link specific to Oklahoma tornado relief, but you [11] can donate here.


The international relief group, based in Los Angeles, says it is “readying essential material aid — emergency, shelter and cleaning supplies” to help Oklahoma’s community health organizations and schools recover. * They do not seem to have a donation link specific to Oklahoma tornado relief. You can [12] donate through their website here. * Text the word AID to 50555 (Note: this is not necessarily specific to Oklahoma tornado victim relief) * Send check to: Operation USA, 7421 Beverly Blvd., PH, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief

  • [13] Website donation link
  • Send checks to BGCO, Attn: Disaster Relief, 3800 N. May Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73112


Unless you are personally affected by this disaster, please do not go to the following link so that server loads can be reserved for individuals who need to use the website: Please spread this Red Cross website where people can list themselves as safe and well –

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